SHARE: A Research Collaboration on Innovation Ecosystem in Indonesia between SMART CITY UI and University of Notre Dame

SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia collaborates with University of Notre Dame (UND) through Supporting Holistic & Actionable Research in Education (SHARE). SHARE is a cooperative agreement by USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation/Center for Education (DDI/EDU) to the University of Notre Dame (UND) that advances global education learning priorities to improve learning outcomes. One of SHARE research priorities is to enhance Higher Education Institution (HEI) engagement in innovation ecosystem. The goal of this higher education research study is to inform USAID’s education strategic planning, activity design, and professional development in the areas of higher education institutions’ engagement in innovation ecosystems, which is Indonesia as one of the studied countries besides Kenya and Philippines.  

In Indonesia, SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia pursues West Java as a regional innovation ecosystem with ‘agriculture’ as the focused research subject considering the ecosystem's functionality, the existence of actors, including HEIs, and the quality of the collaboration between involved actors. This identification found from the preliminary studies conducted through desk reviews and national stakeholders’ consultations on workshop in Phase 1 and 2.  

This far, this research is still on-going in its final phases. In Phase 3, the follow-up interviews after workshop are currently conducted, while the data analysis and dissemination will be implemented in Phase 4. The result of this study is expected to provide lessons and practices transferable to other innovation ecosystems in the country that would strengthen the ecosystem and HEI's involvement in innovation. 

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