Collaborative Project on Regional Governments’ Innovations Validation and Quality Control: SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia and Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs

UKKPPM SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia once again collaborated with the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in the 2022 Innovative Government Awards (IGA) program. In the project entitled "Validasi Inovasi Urusan Pemerintah Dalam Negeri (Innovation Validation of Domestic Government Affairs)", SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia was involved as a Validation and Quality Control Team to review the Regional Innovation and the Regional Government Units data. 

SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia started this project with the data validation of Regional Innovation and Regional Government Units of Indonesian Region category II. SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia, then cross-checked the data units of Indonesian Region category I, through quality control activity. The team validated 5,703 Regional Innovation Units and 62 Regional Government Units in the Indonesian Region category II, as well as conducting Quality Control 5735 Regional Innovation Units in Region I. Data from the work of the SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia Team became one of the references for selecting the IGA Nominators. Validation and Quality Control activities were conducted at the end of September to early November 2022. 

The regional innovation validation process was then continued with the "Regional Governments’ Presentations” represented by each governor and/or regent, which was held on November 21-23, 2022. This was then followed with the field visits and observation by the field validators in each Province, Regency/City and Border and outer/outmost regions on December 02-06, 2022. 

This project ended with the holding of peak event, the Innovative Government Award, at the end of December 2022. At the same event, SMART CITY was also awarded as the Validation and Quality Control Team for the 2022 Innovative Government Award. 

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