SHARE: A Research Collaboration on HEIs Financial Sustainability in Indonesia between SMART CITY UI and University of Notre Dame

SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia collaborates with University of Notre Dame (UND) through Supporting Holistic & Actionable Research in Education (SHARE). SHARE is a cooperative agreement by USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation/Center for Education (DDI/EDU) to the University of Notre Dame (UND) that advances global education learning priorities to improve learning outcomes. One of SHARE research priorities is to identify strategies to promote financial sustainability in Higher Education Institution (HEIs). 


This study aims to produce evidence-informed strategies for sustainably strengthening higher education (HE) financing systems by analyzing the ways in which governments and higher education institutions (HEIs) are mobilizing public and private resources. This study focuses on both analyzing HEI financial operations and capturing system-level opportunities and challenges by taking care to situate HEI financing within the larger enabling environment of policy, regulation, and funding. The goal of this higher education study is to inform USAID’s education strategic planning, activity design, and professional development in the areas of the financial sustainability of the higher education system. 

As one of the studied country, Indonesia will benefit the objective of this study which to promote sustainable financing practices in Indonesia. It also aims to assess universities from the allocation of public resources, accountability in the use of public funding, the support of private HEIs with public funds, to the limitation from relying on student fees as a source of revenue. Examining the sustainable financing strategies available to Indonesia will provide knowledge of potential use for other lower-middle-income countries trying to upgrade their HEI system. 

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