SCUI organized the 4th International Conference on Smart City Innovation (ICSCI) 2023

23-10-2023 • 08.05

SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia (SCUI) has successfully organized the 4th International Conference on Smart City Innovation (ICSCI) 2023 in conjunction with the 18th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR) 2023. It was held on 23rd -25th October 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Bali Indonesia.  The 2023 ICSCI is a sequel of three previous consecutive conferences held in Bandung in 2018, Semarang in 2020, and Bali in 2021, which all were hosted by SCUI.  

The 2023 ICSCI covers wide range of topics relevant to smart city and innovations and rises the major theme on Future Cities - Smart and Sustainable. This includes but not limited to topics, such as: Ecological Urban Sustainability, Smart Urban Governance, Redefining the Urban–Rural Nexus, Smart Mobility, Urban and Regional Innovation Ecosystem, Sustainable food production, and Smart Urban Farming.  

The conference was attended by the invited keynote speaker, Prof. Wen Yonggang from Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore, who gave a talk on “DCWiz: Transforming Data Center Operations and Management with AI”, and registered article authors and presenters. The conference is divided into 3 parallel sessions with registered articles, authors and presenters in the conference are as follows:  

Session 1 on Smart Urban Governance 

  • Integrated Information System Modelling of Municipality in Indonesia for a Smart City 

  • Authors: Asniati Bahari, Syahril Ali, Amsal Djunid, Ares Albirru Amsal, Reza; Novandri, Ilham Multama 

  • Presenter: Asniati Bahari, 

  • Trend of LiDAR Utilization in Disaster Resilience: A Literature Review 

  • Authors: Lailatul Rohmah, Arini Mushfiroh, Ahmad Gamal 

  • Presenter: Lailatul Rohmah 

Session 2 on Redefining the Urban-Rural Nexus 

  • Towards Yogyakarta Smart Living: Landed Houses for the Millennial Generation 

  • Author and Presenter: Fatima Putri Prativi 

  • Empowering Sustainable Household Waste Management through Rubbin: App-based Transanctions using Google Maps API and QR Code Recognition 

  • Authors: Muhammad Abditya Arghanie, H.A. Danang Rimbawa, Muhammad, Rey Renoult, Dea Dwi Ananda 

  • Presenter: Muhammad Abditya Arghanie 

Session 3 on Smart City and Mobility 

  • A Literature Review: Identification of Challenge in Innovation Ecosystem in West Java, Indonesia 

  • Authors: Risty Khoirunisa, Ahmad Gamal, Arini Mushfiroh 

  • Presenter: Risty Khoirunisa 

  • Toward a Just Transition: Assessing Green Employment Readiness in Indonesia 

  • Authors: Wangi Pandan Sari, Rachmawan Budiarto, Dwi Novitasari, Ayesha, Rida Izzati 

  • Presenter: Rachmawan Budiarto 

  • Validating Modelling and Prediction of Land Use Land Cover Change Dynamics Based: A Literature Review 

  • Authors: Helena Ratih Herdini, Ahmad Gamal 

  • Presenter: Helena Ratih Herdini 

  • Building Resilience through Nature-based Solutions: Exploring the Urban-Rural Linkages in Flood Mitigation Strategies for Jayapura 

  •  Authors: Dominika Wara Christiana, Yudhistira Satya Pribadi 

  • Presenter: Dominika Wara Christiana 

  • Implementation of E-Governance on the Next Generation Social Welfare Information System for Optimize Smart Government in Bandung City 

  • Authors: Andre Ariesmansyah, Yaya Mulyana Abdul Aziz 

  • Presenter: Andre Ariesmansyah 

Among this presented article “Building Resilience through Nature-based Solutions: Exploring the Urban-Rural Linkages in Flood Mitigation Strategies for Jayapura” is excelled as the best article paper in ICSCI  2023.  

After passing the specified review process, complete papers that were accepted and presented at ICSCI 2023 will be published on:  

  • The International Journal of Technology (IJTeCH) - (Scopus index, Q2 for engineering field in Scimago journal database)  

  • Evergreen, p-ISSN: 2189-0420, e-ISSN: 2432-5953. H-index 19, Q3 Journal, SJR 0.36 as per 2022 

  • AIP Proceedings, p-ISSN: 0094-243X, e-ISSN: 1551-7616. H-Index 80, SJR 0.16 as per 2022 

  • SmartCity Journal (Crossref, Garuda, Google Scholar, open access at smart city website, no article processing charges, manuscripts are peer-reviewed, e-ISSN: 2962-780X)  

SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia dedicates to continuously organize a sequel of ICSCI in near future. This aims to showcase its enthusiasm to broaden knowledge about smart city and support smart city development for societal betterment.  Smart Idea for Smart City! 

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