SMART CITY Participating at SHERA Strategic Meeting

01-08-2019 • 08.00
For the past couple of years, five Indonesian university-led Centers for Collaborative Research (Universitas Indonesia-led SMART CITY, Universitas Padjadjaran-led ARI, Institut Pertanian Bogor-led ANBIOCORE, Universitas Gadjah Mada-led CSDR, and Institut Teknologi Bandung-led NCSTT) have been supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Sustainable Higher Education Research Alliances (SHERA) program.
As a follow-up to USAID’s review of the sustainability of the CCRs through interviews with CCR management team on May 2019 earlier, SHERA organized a strategic meeting on August 1-2, 2019, to discuss CCRs' future plans and actions. Attending the meeting were Director General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Dr. Muhammad Dimyati, USAID Indonesia Director Education Office Thomas Crehan, USAID Indonesia Project Development Specialist Jalu Cahyanto, and SHERA Program Director Prima Setiawan. SMART CITY team was represented by Program Director Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, S.T., M.Eng. Partnership Manager Ahmad Gamal, S.Ars., M.Si., M.U.P., Ph.D., and Finance & Grants Manager Chairul Hudaya, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D, IPM, joining representatives of fellow CCRs.
Included in the agenda were an introduction on USAID’s new policy framework "Journey to Self-Reliance" and thorough discussions on CCR sustainability review results, CCR local ownership and institutional commitment, and CCR Sustainability planning. SMART CITY Program Director Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah also presented on SMART CITY's latest achievements in its programs.

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