Performance Analysis of LoRaWAN Technology for Optimum Deployment of Jakarta Smart City

The integration of LoRA modulation methods in the LPWAN wireless network and the LoRaWanprotocol network is utilized in LoRa technology, which provides long range coverage to end devices in license-free frequency bands. Implementation of this technology covers a broad range of fields, from smart house and Internet of Things (IoT) to industry and Smart Cities. In this article, we conducted simulation of LoRaWAN deployment in Jakarta area using NS3 simulator. We calculated the total number of end devices for Jakarta area coverage that gives the best performance. Jakarta has 662,33 km 2 area with many buildings, especially high rise buildings. Our simulation results with various gateway radiuses indicate that best performances are reached in 3000 m for smaller and 6500 m for larger radius. Optimum number of end devices that covered by each gateway is 3000. Estimated number of gateways is 26, so it takes up to 78.000 end devices for entire Jakarta. From economic consideration, service provider will optimize its capital expenditure in about five years by deployment of 1750 end devices which will grow up to 3049 on the next fifth year while maintain its Packet Success Rate above 91%.

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