Extraction and Characterization of Yeast Extract Bioethanol Byproduct from Empty Palm Oil Bunch for Raw Material of Cosmetic Products

Ethanolic fermentation can produce byproducts such as yeast containing intracellular amino acid that is useful as a raw material of cosmetics. Residual yeast fermentation as sludge was dissolved and extracted by autolysis at 50o C for 24 hours, so we get the product in the form of intracellular content of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Purification of dye and odor yeast extract was conducted by using a activated carbon column adsorption with ratio 1.5:10 yeast extract solution (g / mL) for 6 times recycle or until it reaches the absorbance value of 0.020. The content of yeast extract in the form of amino acids were analyzed by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography method. Analysis of the feasibility test yeast extract as cosmetic raw materials made through the pigment deposition method by inhibit tyrosinase activity. 0.05 g yeast extract before adsorption (pale yellow) produce 62% inhibition of tyrosinase 3130 U / mL. Dry yeast extract after adsorption (odorless) had 96% inhibition of tyrosinase 313 U / mL, whereas placental extract by 89% inhibition of tyrosinase 313 U / mL. These results indicate odorless yeast extract can replace placental extract as an alternative to cosmetic raw materials.

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