Adaptive Traffic Monitoring System

The success of traffic management is closely related to economic growth. If traffic problems occur, it can cause economic growth to be hampered. One of the main traffic problems in Indonesia is congestion, which is caused by the imbalance of road capacity and the number of vehicles passing through it. Adaptive Traffic Management System can be a solution to such kind of congestion problem.
Adaptive Traffic Management System is developed to adjust traffic light in a region based on real-time traffic conditions. The traffic light will be set based on the traffic density (number of vehicles) in a region so that the possibility of congestion will decrease. When the vehicle density level is high, the traffic flow can be converted to the other traffic flow so thus it will reduce the traffic density.
Adaptive Traffic Management System that is shown in Figure 4 consists of three main parts, namely input, main processing, output. Input or data acquisition uses a number of CCTVs to capture visual data of road conditions. A data acquisition agent equipped with CCTV will be installed on each crossing segment. The agent automatically sends location data and information to the server.
Data acquisition must be carried out well during the day and night. We develop a detection algorithm that can work in a various condition. In daylight condition, the system can distinguish the type of vehicles based on its appearance. Meanwhile, during the night, it uses vehicles headlight to detect the existence of a vehicle. Input procedure provides important information such as car volume, average of car velocity, and the length of car queue on all intersection. This information will be computed using a Main Processing Algorithm to determine the cycle time, green signal, and offset parameters. These three parameters will be sent to each traffic signal. Thus, it could adjust the timing for green, red, or yellow optimally between traffic signals within a region.
All data and information processed in the Adaptive Traffic Management System are distributed to related parties such as the Regional Government through the Department of Transportation, Police and other parties that focus on transportation like Jasa Marga.
By: Feasibility Study team

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