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Academic Particulars

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CCR Membership & Participation in SHERA Activities

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Launching of SMART CITY CCR
Conference Subsidy for Junior Lecturers and Doctoral Students
Conference Support for Senior Lecturers / Main Researchers
Research Design and Methods Short Course
Research Fellowship
In-person Faculty Exchanges held in the U.S
Ongoing Mentoring from the U.S. University Partner(s)
Face to Face Research Meetings / Discussions
Forum Group Discussion (FGD) on Situation Room
Virtual Knowledge Exchange (Video Conference / Webinar)
Research Cluster Establishment Assistance
Research Management Development & Mentoring
International Scientific Conference
Book Writing / Knowledge Product Making related to Research
USAID SHERA Partnership Workshop
USAID SHERA Partnership Meeting
Manuscript Incentive for Researchers
Research Partnership Agreement Meeting in the U.S.
Establishment New Research Partnership in the U.S.
Establishment New Research Partnership in Eastern Indonesia
Data Subsidy for Doctoral Students