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PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (PERSERO)


KAI was established based on the deed dated June 1, 1999, No. 2 which was made before Imas Fatimah, S.H., Sp.N., Notary in Jakarta, which was later amended by deed dated September 13, 1999, No. 14. The railway transportation industry began in 1864 when Namlooze Venootschap Nederlansch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij built a railroad from Semarang to Surakarta, Central Java. After that, three other companies also built railway tracks, both in Java and outside Java. The railway management started a new chapter when PJKA turned into Perusahaan Umum Kereta Api (Perumka) based on Government Regulation No. 57 of 1990.

As a public company, Perumka provides services to the community as well as obtains profits from the products and services provided. For passenger services, Perumka offers three service classes, namely executive, business, and economy classes. To encourage Perumka to become a service business company, on February 3, 1998, the Government issued Government Regulation No. 19 of 1998 concerning the Transfer of the Form of Perusahaan Umum (Public Company/ Perum) Kereta Api into Perusahaan Perseroan (Persero). Thus, its name was changed to Perusahaan Perseroan (Persero) PT Kereta Api, abbreviated as PT Kereta Api (Persero) or PT KA. With its new status, the Company operates as a profit-oriented business institution. To continue carrying out part of its mission as a public service organization, the Government provides Public Service Obligation (PSO) funds.