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To support the economic growth in Indonesia, Government Regulation number 4 year 1978, regarding the establishment of PT Jasa Marga (persero) Tbk. Indonesia, was established on March 1, 1978? to provide a reliable road network in the country. 

Jasa Marga's Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi Toll Road, which was constructed in 1978, was a milestone in the history of the toll road industry in Indonesia.  Not only did it ??primarily function as an operator, but it also had national toll roads authority.  Until 1987, Jasa Marga had been the only toll road operator in the country which was funded by the Government through foreign loans and bond issuance.

Since late 80s, the Indonesian Government had begun to include private sectors in the toll road development through the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) mechanism.  During the 90s, however, PT Jasa Marga (persero) Tbk. began to facilitate private investors which mostly failed to realize their project.  JORR and Cipularang were some of the toll roads taken over.

The Government then established Law number 38 year 2004 on Road which replaced Law number 13 year 1980, along with Government Regulation number 15, which further specified regulations regarding toll roads.  This have altered the mechanism of the toll road business.  The Toll Road Regulatory Agency establishment and biannual toll tarif rate adjustments by the Minister of Public Works are some of the ?implications.  Therefore, the whole authorization has been handed back to the Government??.  From that moment on, Jasa Marga, as a toll road operator and developer, requires a concession license from the Government.