The Visibility in Measuring Indoor Retail Store Rent

As a research unit, SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia’s core activity is conducting research. While it encourages multidisciplinary studies that intersect topics such as smart city and sustainability, its major focus areas of interest are 1) Energy & Environment, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Information & Communications Technology and Mobility, and 4) Quality of Life. 


Recently, its researchers, Ahmad Gamal and Muhammad Joko Romadhon, conducted a study entitled Impact of Visibility on Indoor Retail Store Rent. Focusing on the concept of visibility in the property sector, this study attempts to propose a method calculating retail unit rental price based on visibility. It is believed that an accurate visibility quantification can influence rent negotiations between shopping mall management and potential tenants. This can also assist shopping center management, shop owners and architects to have a better mechanism for determining the visibility value and the effect on the retail unit rental price. With the data from 153 indoor retail stores in Jakarta, this study approaches the analysis with a sequential-transformative mixed method; and develops a method to accurately measure an indoor retail store’s object-based isovist – a visual field in which a number of observers can view the particular indoor store. Visibility improvement can practically be a key spatial factor that will help shopping center designers, owners and management to determine each store’s optimum rent based on its visibility when negotiating with potential tenants. 


This article has been submitted and recently accepted and published on the  Journal of Property Investment & Finance by Emerald Publishing Limited in 2023. 


The citation :

Gamal, A. and Romadhon, M.J. (2023), "Impact of visibility on indoor retail store rent", Journal of Property Investment & Finance, Vol. 41 No. 1, pp. 106-123.

Keywords :

Retail, Indoor shopping center, Rent, Visibility, Price, Store

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