SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia continuously encourages its researchers to conduct and publish high quality research. As a research unit, it does not limit its scope of research activities, but promotes multidisciplinary perspectives. Although it has 4 major research topics, such as: 1) Energy & Environment, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Information & Communications Technology and Mobility, and 4) Quality of Life, it does not rule out other relevant topics for the advancement of knowledge. 


Nur A. Khairunnisa and Ahmad Gamal, researchers at SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia, recently conducted a study analyzing the impact of three-dimensional visibility value on rental prices of shopping centers’ retail units. This study attempts to examine the effect of visibility value variables and estimate the contribution toward the rental prices. Interestingly, for the measurement of the visibility value in a three-dimensional scheme, it adds the storefront area volume to the existing two-dimensional calculations. 


This study investigates the store-units of shopping centers in South Jakarta, a capital city of Indonesia, which includes permanent physical stores but excludes food courts, anchors, and exhibitions. By concentrating on 150 store-units, it employs an explanatory research design and a quantitative analysis method with a STATA regression test. As a result, it found that the visibility value has a positive effect and can contribute to the increase of the average rental price by 6%, which can be realized to be IDR 15,403 per square meter.


In academia, this research originally contributes to the advancement of research methods and knowledge in property studies. Moreover, it can serve not only to assist shopping managers in estimating each unit rate for rent, but also architects in considering visibility factors for shopping center designs.  


This article has been submitted and recently accepted and published on the Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science in 2022. 


The citation :

Khairunnisa, N. A., & Gamal, A. (2022). Analyzing the impact of three-dimensional visibility value on shopping center retail unit rental prices. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 50(3), 621-641. DOI: 10.1177/23998083221123329

Keywords :

visibility, shopping experience, rental price, retail

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