JAKPROS: Reproductive Health Education Application for Pregnant Women

In 2015, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) was still high especially in Indonesian. It had strong a correlation in Millenium Development Goals to achieve the better quality of human life. Surprisingly, most of maternal mortality case is usually preventable with good quality of knowledge. In this day, the use of social media has been increasing. In 2016, social media has been using by 2,34 billion people worldwide and the sixth highest number of internet user comes from Indonesia. Besides that, pregnant women have a tendency to use social media for seeking out about health information during pregnancy in prenatal, perinatal and postnatal also reproductive health topics. We created Jakpros application, a smart mobile application who designed for women. The purpose of it is for serving better health service and reliable information. Our aim in this study is to analyze how the educational page in Jakpros application can increase pregnant women knowledge. We recruited 126 pregnant women participant from 9 several sub-district hospitals in Jakarta. We detected their knowledge of reproductive health in pre-test questionnaire about basic pregnancy. After that, we guided them to download Jakpros application on their mobile phone. We asked them to use it in 2 weeks, and we were seeing their knowledge in post-test. The observational analytics study was using cross-sectional and analyzed by SPSS 24 to see the differences in knowledge. Their knowledge has been increasing after they used the educational page feature in 2 weeks. Along with this era, Jakpros application is an effective platform for making pregnant women is more educable.

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