“Jakarta Reproduksi Sehat” (JAKPROS) Mobile Application for Healthy Jakarta

Indonesia still has a high maternal mortality rate. There were 305 mothers mortality of 100.000 live births in 2015. The rate was far below MDG’s target. One of the strategies to reduce the rate is to ensure mothers could gain access to excellent health services and reliable health information about pregnancy, delivery, and reproductive health. Digital communication and smartphones could be utilized to provide access to health information and digital publication through an application are one of the options that modern-day women could use. Therefore, we developed smartphone based reproductive health application named Jakarta Reproduksi Sehat (JAKPROS) which provide three sections, including prenatal care, cervical cancer prevention, and reproductive health. This application contains educational materials, question and answer forums, a hotline with health services center, and important information about reproductive health. In short, this application has everything that is important for pregnant mothers and women in general. We acknowledge that many diseases main risk factor was lack of education, therefore increasing the mothers and women knowledge could decrease high – risk pregnancy, and for long-term purpose could decrease the maternal mortality rate. Obstetricians also could monitor their patients through this application with JAKPROS record health information, from the patient weight, blood pressure, estimated date of delivery, fetal heart rate, fundal height, and contractions. So that obstetricians could manage high-risk pregnancy and immediately intervene when needed. We previewed this application into several sub-district general hospitals in Jakarta testing its features, implementing the app into daily clinical practice. This study showed there are 205 active users in JAKPROS, including 65 obstetricians and gynecologist and 140 patients only in Jakarta, this application downloaded more than 200 times from the Play Store.

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