Four major research topics: 1) Energy & Environment, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Information & Communications Technology and Mobility, and 4) Quality of Life have been the focus of SMART CITY Universitas Indonesia.  As a research center, it encourages its researchers to conduct high quality research and promotes cross-disciplinary perspectives. 

Researcher at SMART CITY: Ahmad Gamal, Lailatul Rohmah, Cynthia Adelina Perangin Angin, Widya Laksmi Larasati, Ahmad Aki Muhaimin, Risty Khoirunisa, and Dwinanti Rika Marthanty have demonstrated their interest in current issue of land subsidence in Indonesia. They conducted a research and recently published an article entitiled “Quantitative study of water impact on land value in Jakarta”  

Land subsidence has occurred since 1926 in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, as the effect of rapid urban development and the city’s inherent geographical risk characteristics, which both are closely related to water issues. On the one hand, there are statements of the negative effects of land subsidence on real estate property prices. On the other hand, there are also statements of the positive effects on clean water provision and minimal water-related disasters. Land subsidence, clean water provision, and water-related disaster are water-related issues, however, there has not been a comprehensive discussion on their effects on property price. What differentiates the research from the practical analysis provided in the real estate market is that the prior is a comprehensive study involving four water-related aspects: source, disaster, supply, and infrastructure, which contain eight variables, while the latter commonly utilizes a single variable only. Therefore, calculating the impact of water on land value is more attainable than on real estate property price and is equivalent to the real property price variation.  

The result indicates that the wastewater and flood disaster management infrastructures are the most significant contributors to land value. This study may benefit policymakers at the government level, especially Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency for their regulations about land value and also in the property market and taxes monitoring. 

This article has been submitted and recently accepted and published on the Urban Water Journal in 2023. 

The citation : 

Ahmad Gamal, Lailatul Rohmah, Cynthia Adelina Perangin Angin, Widya Laksmi Larasati, Ahmad Aki Muhaimin, Risty Khoirunisa, Dwinanti Rika Marthanty. (2023). Quantitative study of water impact on land value in Jakarta. Urban Water Journal. DOI: 10.1080/1573062X.2023.2233489 

Keywords : 

Clean water; water source; water-related disasters; land value; Jakarta 


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